Walk Through Advent with Kids Using an Advent Calendar

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year! From the decorations at the mall to the presents piling up under the tree, it’s hard not to feel the excitement building towards December 25. But for Christian parents, the Christmas season is more than a time for holiday cheer and gift giving. During this time, we have an opportunity to help our children grow in their love for the true reason for all the celebration — Jesus! One way to do this is through celebrating the season of Advent.

The word “advent” comes from the Latin word “adventus,” which means “coming.” The purpose of the Advent season is to help us focus on the coming of Jesus Christ to seek and save His people, who were lost and in need of a Savior.

Because our  ministry goal is to partner with families, we wanted to provide a list of Scripture passages for families to read together during the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Our hope is that your family  will see that the coming of Jesus was prophesied and anticipated long before his arrival, and that the Christmas story began all the way back in Genesis. Our prayer is that reading these stories will be a reminder of God’s faithfulness and turn their hearts to worship and honor the King of Kings this Christmas season!



List of Scriptures (Ornament picture suggestions in parenthesis.):

December 1: The Fall – Genesis 3:1-6, 8-15 (Apple)

December 2: The Flood – Genesis 6:9 – 8:22 (Ark)

December 3: The Promise – Genesis 9 (Rainbow)

December 4: The Offering – Genesis 22:1-19 (Ram)

December 5:  The Choice – Genesis 29 (Two Girls)

December 6: The Dreamer – Genesis 37, 41, 50:15-21 (Coat)

December 7: The Plagues – Exodus 3 – 5:9, Exodus 7:14-10:29 (Frog)

December 8: The Passover – Exodus 12:2-7, 12-13 (Lamb)

December 9: The Journey – Exodus 14-15 (Staff)

December 10: The Ten Commandments – Exodus 20:1-21 (Two Tablets)

December 11: The Wall – Joshua 3 & 6 (Simple Horn)

December 12: The Shepherd King – 1 Samuel 16 (Little Boy)

December 13: The Giant – 1 Samuel 17:1-50 (Slingshot)

December 14: The Healing – 2 Kings 5 (River)

December 15: The Prophecies – Isaiah 9:6-7, 53:1-12 (Crown)

December 16: The Protector – Daniel 6 (Lion)

December 17: The Messenger – Jonah 1-4 (Big Fish)

December 18: The History – Nehemiah 8-10 (Scroll)

December 19: A Shepherd’s Song – Psalm 23 (Harp)

December 20: The Waiting – Habakkuk 1:12-2:3 (Watch Tower)

December 21: John the Baptist – Luke 1:5-25, 57-80 (Rising Sun)

December 22: The Good News – Luke 2:8-20 (Manger)

December 23: The Savior – Luke 1:26-38 (Angel)

December 24: Mary’s Song – Luke 1:46-56 (Mary)

December 25: The Stable – Luke 2:1-7 (Nativity Scene)