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4 Examples of Wisdom for Family Development

Read Proverbs 30: 24-28

We spent the 40 days before Resurrection Sunday with verses that give families direction in wisdom. Concluding that that theme, Proverbs 30 reveals the wisdom of four small but mighty creatures. These creatures remind us how we can seek God in our families. The writer of Proverbs 30 includes these creatures as a reminder of how wisdom can sustain and strengthen us: preparation, security, unity, and tenacity.

Preparation: the marvel of the writer lies in the ant colonies collective, and, as it were, organized action. Ants are used as an example of action with forethought and planning.

  • Are we setting goals and objectives for how we want to be known as a family?
  • As a family, how do “store up” what is good physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially for when we need it?

Security: The writer is using coneys or rock badgers as a example of finding security in a challenging environment. Most commentaries believe him to be speaking of rabbit, mouse or badger type creatures. According to Matthew Henry’s commentary, they are to be commended for the wisdom to make their houses in the rocks where they are well guarded, and their feebleness makes them take shelter in those natural fastnesses and fortifications.

  • As a family how do we make our home on the “rock” that is Jesus?
  • Do we commit everything regarding our family to prayer and blessing or  build our decisions on our own needs, wants and efforts?
  • Do we talk about our weaknesses and God’s strengths in our home?

Unity: Locusts go forth gathered together. According to scientists, locust-swarms perform with apparent order and discipline. Their concentration is on work not status among themselves; they can bring help or destruction to the land. Gill’s commentary on the Bible describes locusts as being “all gathered together as one…their affairs and manner are in a beautiful disposition.” In a family the sense of personal weakness or humility should engage us to keep unity together, that we may strengthen one another.

  • Does our family “march together” through this life?
  • Are we encouraging one another and building each other up?
  • Do we celebrate each unique personality in our family as a gift from God to our life for growth opportunities and perspective?

Tenacity: Many versions disagree on wither the author meant lizards or spiders but the lesson remains the same. Tenacity is necessary for the survival of both. Matthew Henry puts it this way;

“spiders are very ingenious in weaving their webs with a fineness and exactness such as no art can pretend to come near: they take hold with their hands and spin a fine thread out of their own bowels with a great deal of art; they are not only in poor men’s cottages, but in kings’ palaces, notwithstanding all the care that is there taken to destroy them. Providence wonderfully maintains those kinds of creatures–not only which men provide not for, but which every man’s hand is against and seeks the destruction of. Those that will mind their business and take hold of it with their hands, and may go on with it, notwithstanding the difficulties and discouragements they meet with. If one well-spun web be swept away, it is but making another.”

  • As a family, do we choose a mindset of perseverance in any life situation?
  • Do we believe God will be faithful to our family?
  • Do we give up on or discount each other because we have different talents?
  • Are all members accepted and encouraged to become who God created them to be?
  • Do we keep moving forward together even when the world is not peaceful or kind?