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The Role of a Kids Community Coach – Restructure

Our training rooms act as small group communities involving children, parents, volunteers, teachers, a coach and a staff person growing together in Christ. There is one coach for every teaching team at each site.

As we move through this year, Kids Community is striving to develop coaches over each age group area: Meadowlands through Rapids.

As we restructure Kids Community, coaches are learning to equip and develop one class or training room. These coaches make up the Kids Community team at each site. They are nurtured by the Site Pastor, trained through the Kids Community Equipping Team, and receive weekly support from the Kids Community Site assist.

During this year, all our Coaches will be trained to use five primary tools to create community

  1. A commintment to personal attention and care of children, families and teachers in a classroom community
  2. A communications system of phone, email, social media and/or a newsletter
  3. A current class roster of parents and children
  4. A schedule calendar that includes three slots per week: teacher, paid staff member and volunteer
  5. A curriculum to train teachers, volunteers and parents

Coaches are learning to lead teams by asking these questions to parents, teachers, volunteers in their small group community.

  • How does our class teaching and structure reflect worshipful, relational and missional values to children and parents?
  • How is our team teaching to each child’s needs spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually?
  • How are  our teachers and volunteers being utilized in their gifting and  honored in their willingness?
  • How can our team encourage volunteers to multiply our team through their contacts?
  • What tools are we giving parents and families that they can apply in the home?
  • What tools are we developing to communicate value and information more effectively as a community?
  • How is our team working with other teams to contribute unity and direction to Kids Community?
  • How are we following where God is leading our team?

Coaches are learning to be led by God in asking themselves these questions

  • How am I personally growing spiritually and following Christ through this opportunity?
  • Who am I training on my team to be a coach?

Our coaches are  vital to our church as we restructure Kids Community to better raise up, equip and send leaders to minister to our families and ultimately help parents disciple their children. This is an effort that is only attained through community; our coaches are leaders of leaders, and we are so thankful for their efforts! At Vista, across all ministries, we are continuing to focus on discipleship through leader multiplication — we see the Kingdom move forward as more people step up and step out in worshipful, relational and missional ways for God’s glory.