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Family Summer Devotional

School’s out, and with that comes all kinds of summer fun -what better way to start the summer than with a summer Bible study from Focus on the Family? It’s interactive, fun, family-oriented, and a great way to spend time each day in God’s Word.   This summer, Thriving Family challenges you to uncover clues and crack codes as you solve 60 days of Bible mysteries! Use your family’s combined sleuthing abilities to identify 21 mystery Bible characters.



Does the idea of family devotions fill you with guilt? Do you want to do it, but just never get around to it? Do you have trouble even knowing where to begin? Well, there’s lots that can be said on this topic, but let’s start with a couple basics.

    1. Commit to It! – Do you believe this will truly make a difference in your children? In your family? In case you’re wondering, we’ll answer for you—it will! Even if you miss some days here and there (you will—life happens), being committed to keeping it going is the first huge step.
    2. Schedule it! – This is perhaps the hardest part—finding a consistent time. It’s tricky coordinating a whole family’s hectic schedule! But consistency is important, so think about when the best possibility is to gather. That means look at your calendar and figure out what time of day will work best for your family. The most popular times are breakfast time, dinner time, or bed time.
    3. Just Do It! – Just get started! If you’re wondering where to start, here are a few tips:
      • Assess the age of your family. If they’re young, keep it short and sweet. If they’re a little older, get them more involved.
      • Read the Bible! This may seem obvious, but just a little reminder that the Bible is the highlight!
      • Make it special. Now before you start thinking “forget it,” know that “special” doesn’t need to mean “elaborate.” With younger kids, your time may consist of singing a little song with motions, sharing a short passage from your Bible or a children’s picture Bible, and praying together. With older kids, you may get them involved in the reading, act out a passage, have them draw a passage while you’re reading, try hands-on experiences, or throw out interesting questions for discussion. Whatever you do, don’t lose them. The Bible is the most exciting and relevant book in the world. It should never appear boring!
      • End your time praying together. Have each person share one prayer or praise and take turns praying for each other.
      • Let it be a time filled with love, joy, and laughter so your kids look back and have happy memories of your family Bible times.