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talk.pray.do July

During a family night- ask your children these three questions.

  • What’s your favorite summer activity?
  • What does JOY mean?
  • What are you celebrating today?



PRAY: In addition to the Prayer Pail, this month speak a blessing to your children; your affirmation will give tremendous encouragement to your child as they strive to be more joyful. Tell your child that he/she is a blessing from God to you. (Psalm 127:3). Tell them about the first day you saw them, how you picked their name. Show them pictures and explain how much JOY they have brought to your family.

Philippians 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoice!

DO: We hope this month’s Take Home Summer Bucket List will help your family identify all the ways you plan to celebrate the rest of the summer. Mostly, we hope it reminds you that when you follow Jesus, the biggest celebration of all is still to come.  Joy comes from knowing there’s always something to celebrate. So practice your joy daily, and let others see the promise of heaven in you!

Each time you complete something on your list bring back a souvenir for the bucket, ie. Seashell, game ticket, photo.  You’ll create a summer full of intentional joy for your family, and you’ll be able to talk with your children about why God says there’s always a reason to celebrate!

We want to hear about your family’s joy-filled summer.  Share your stories by connecting with us, using #KCJoyBomb.      Let’s joy-bomb this summer, one memory at a time.


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