40 Days of Lent – Ram in the Thicket

As a church family, Vista is focusing on Jubilee for the 40 days of Lent before Resurrection Sunday on March 31. The series is based off of Leviticus 25:10. Follow this link to the 40 days of Jubilee page, including resources, tools and a daily devotional. We invite you to look at the Vista Parents Blog 40 Days posts from previous years for encouragement and ideas to share with your family. Do this by clicking on ‘Archives’ to the right, then picking the month and year.

This year, Vista families will be following Ann Voskamp’s devotional Trail to the Tree. To download a copy, click here. (Note: you must scroll all the way down to the blue box, then click ‘subscribe’. After subscribing to Ann’s blog, you can scroll down to the bottom of any blog post and click on the link that says, “Free Easter/Lent devotional: The Trail to the Tree.”)

Each day has three different practices points:

  • Linger on the Word: daily readings from the Bible
  • Lift up your prayer to the Word: daily prayer guide for families to pray together
  • Live the Word: daily questions or activities to focus on Jesus

On day two of the devotional, she recommends reading Genesis 22:1-14. She spotlights the specific name of God used by Abraham when a ram was made available to replace the pending sacrifice of Isaac. Abraham names the place God-Yireh (jehovahjirah or Jehovah Jirah). When translated, this may mean “God sees to it.”

W. Ewing writes that “the best explanation of the text may be, Yahweh sees the needs of those who come to worship before Him on Zion, and there ‘is seen,’ revealing Himself to them by answering their prayers and supplying their wants” (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia).

Voskamp then asks the following question: “Today can you live in trust, knowing He will see-to-it. All of it?”

Here are some questions for your family to explore together:

  • What does a provider do?
  • Does your family know God as their provider?
  • How did God provide for you today or how was He the God that sees?
  • Does your family know God as one who “sees-to-it”?
  • How does this idea of Jehovah Jirah fit into how you talk about debt?

Please share any thoughts or feedback with us in the comments section, or share your family 40 Days photos on Facebook!