40 Days of Wisdom – Don’t get trapped!

Read Proverbs 1: 10-19

For Parents: Modeling

Our actions speak louder than words. This especially true in the home. Children learn values, morals and priorities by observing how their parents act and react every day. Are you communicating when you fall into the traps of sin. Are you modeling how to ask for and give forgiveness in these situations. What are your traps? How do you steer clear of or run from them?

High School: Recognizing Traps

Sin is enticing because it offers a quick route to prosperity and makes us feel like one of the crowd. But when we go along with others and refuse to listen to the truth, our own desires enslave us and we’ll do anything to satisfy them. We must learn to make choices not on the basis of approval or pleasure, but in light of who were are in Christ. We can’t be friendly with sin and expect our lives to remain unaffected.

Discuss: How does sin trap you? In your school work, in your friendships, in your family, on TV or music, with your body. What can you do to run from these traps? Watch for traps this week and ask God to provide a way out as he has promised in 1 Corinthians 10:13.

Action: Text bible verses to each other as a family to run from temptation and seek what is wise. Bible SMS and daily Bible offer free service for cell phones and email. There are several free or inexpensive apps for smart phones.

Middle School: Gain from traps

Sin is easy to fall into if we desire the wrong things. Research all the types of animal traps there are as a family. Ask each other these questions. What do animal want from these traps? What leads them in and traps them? How can wanting the wrong things or being lazy cause animals to be trapped? Do animals get what they expected from these traps?

Discuss: Can wanting wrong things or being lazy trap us in our work, in our friendships, on TV, on the computer? What can be some hurts we get from wanting wrong things for us? How can we learn to recognize traps in our lives? Watch for traps this week and ask God to provide a way out as he has promised in 1 Corinthians 10:13.

Action: Buy an inexpensive mouse trap – the wood kind with a snap trap. (CAUTION: these can be very dangerous). Practice setting and tripping the trap so the family sees how a mouse would be trapped and hurt or killed. Read Proverbs 1: 10-19 again. How does the visual of the trap explain what these verses say? Keep out your family trap through Lent to remind you help one another run from temptation. Stay tuned for lessons from Proverbs on how to apply scripture to overcome temptation.

Elementary: Could this be a trap?

“Come On, gang! Let’s go get him!” Jordan started running and everyone ran after him. Everyone but Kyle. Kyle had read proverbs 2:6-15, and he knew that “wisdom will save you from the way of wicked men”. Here is what Kyle did and what you can do to help you think before you act. Kyle counted to five by asking himself these questions:

1. Is it right? 2. Is it good? 3. Is it helpful? 4. Would my parents approve? 5. Would God approve?

Action: Have each family member trace their hand on a piece of colored paper. Everyone can write out Proverbs 1: 10 on the top: “If sinner’s entice you, turn your back on them.” Everyone can write one of the questions on each finger of their hand. Display the hands in your house and talk about how you will turn your backs on temptation as a family during Lent.

Preschool: Getting trapped!

Read the story of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. Say: Did Peter obey? Was peter happy or sad that he did not obey. God was sad that Peter did not obey. God wants us to obey. Wise children obey. God wants us to be wise so we can be safe.

Action: Have your children learn this in order to teach them why wise kids obey.

You say: Who is in charge?                                       They say: Mom and Dad.

You say: Why are mom and dad in charge?          They say: God put them in charge.

You say: Why did God put us in charge?               They say: So children grow big and strong

Resources: Peter Rabbit online crafts and ideas, lesson plans, online story, cute you tube video