April talk.pray.do


Why do we celebrate Easter?
What’s your favorite Easter tradition?
Who is one person we can pray for this week and invite to attend church with us?


In addition to the Prayer Pail, this month as you tuck in your children, talk to them about the amazing gift God gave us. He gave us his only son, Jesus. Share with them that when we believe in Jesus, we have the opportunity to have a relationship FOREVER with God! That’s a pretty incredible gift. Pray together and thank God for giving us Jesus.

Our family take home this month is a bit different. We encourage you to participate in a week-long family devotion over this coming Holy Week. Starting today April 13th (Palm Sunday) and ending on Easter Sunday. We will be posting on the Vista Parents blog a devotional along with other opportunities to share with your children about the Easter Story. Each day you complete the devotion attach the corresponding day on the Hosanna palm leaf, creating your own Holy Week mobile.
Please share with us your stories and photos this week as we worship and thank God together for the priceless gift of Jesus.

Check the blog daily!