Armor of God – object lesson


This lesson is quick, but powerful.


  • two oranges
  • a glass bowl large enough for two oranges to be completely submerged
  • water
  • Bible


Read Ephesians 6:10-17 with your children

Talk about what each piece of armor stands for and how it helps us stand against the devil.

Ask your children to pretend to put on each piece of armor as you discuss how that particular piece might help them throughout their day.


Place both oranges in the bowl with their “armor” on.  (In other words, keep the skin on both oranges.)  Talk about how the oranges are floating, or “standing firm” in the water.


Little by little, begin peeling away some of the “armor” (skin) of one of the oranges.  You might peel off a chunk and say something like, “Uh oh, this orange forgot to put on his/her belt of truth.  When someone says something ugly about you today, you might believe it.  If you believes that lie, instead of the truth that you wonderfully made, you might not stand as firm in the water.”


Place the orange back in the water and notice that, although it doesn’t sink completely, it begins dipping further in the water than the orange still wearing all its armor.

Continue on this way, peeling back a little at a time, talking about a new piece of armor the orange forgot to put on, talking about how that might affect his/her day, and then placing the orange in the water to see it sink more and more each time.
By the time you remove all of the armor, the orange will completely sink.  It is not able to “stand” at all.


Challenge your children to think purposefully each day about putting on each piece of armor.

 Maybe you could even pretend to put on each piece together every morning.