Being Missional during Christmas

Christmas is approaching!   How will your family being missional this year?

Here are few ideas to be a mission-minded family during the Christmas season.  Maybe one of the ideas below will be workable for you and your family

  1. Open your home:  Invite neighbors, families from your children’s schools, people you work with — really anyone who needs to be around a family that lives the gospel. Intentionally pray over these invitations to your home and involve your children in your hospitality efforts, such as decorating, baking, and preparing meals. Model how to show others the love of Jesus. Your children are watching!
  2.  Serve:  Find opportunities to serve as a family in environments that allow your hearts for Christ to shine. This could be a soup kitchen, a nursing home, a shelter — anywhere there is need. Make this not only a tradition during the holidays, but a regular rhythm in your lives.
  3.  Pray for opportunities: As 2014 is closing and the start of a new year is looming around the corner, pray as a family that God would open the door for many opportunities to share the gospel with those who do not know Him. Actively pray for people you know and for those you do not know yet. Engage your children in these prayers and before you know it, God will ignite in them a heart for others.


Please share other ideas you may have for being a missional family during Christmas!