Close the Door

I had eight children of various ages in my home the other day. To give you some perspective of the chaos, we used a whole loaf of bread for lunch. Somehow throughout the day, we had difficulty keeping the door shut with all that coming and going. Everyone and every bug had free access to the house. It was without protection from outside intruders. We were killing flies all afternoon.

We didn’t intentionally leave our home open to intruders, but we forgot to enact a plan to protect it. It reminded me to review how often we are intentional about the spiritual protection of our home and everyone in it. E. Stanley Jones coined this phrase, “When prayer fades out, power fades out.” I have power through Jesus to protect my house from the forces of evil, and I can choose to be wise about wielding that power through the Holy Spirit.

We are becoming more intentional in praying specifically for our own home as a place of refuge that embraces everyone, as a place of grace that allows mistakes, as a place of forgiveness and as a place of growth where each person’s unique gifting is encouraged. We pray to be a light of love to the neighborhood we serve. Several of our conversations with God include binding satan and his attacks on our home in order to allow us to stand as a vanguard for the gospel.

The battle is real, but the Holy Spirit provides tools for the fight.  We have the guidance and power of the Word of God for our protection and direction. If we are diligent in practicing protection, we will not be taken by surprise in all of our comings and goings. A good offense is the best defense.

Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence,

so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need

Hebrews 4:16

Sometimes I have looked back on a day where everything is going wrong to realize I forgot to take the time to cover our home in prayer. I have squandered the power given to me. I was lazy in executing my offensive strategy and had to rely only on defense; I forgot to close the door. On these days, only by God’s grace I see how much effort was wasted on chasing down flies.

  • Family Tool for Prayer:  Create a prayer book for your family. Get a notebook and write down meaningful verses on the power of prayer. Also use it to write you own prayers for your home and each member. Take turns reading and recording family prayers.


  1. Great post, Cindy! I’m going to share it with my Bible study ladies as a reminder and encouragement to all of us!