Family Devotion: God Gave the Ten Commandments


10 Commandments pic copyOn Sunday our Base Camp,  Climb and Summit children studied how God had redeemed His people from slavery in Egypt. People who have been redeemed demonstrate their love for the Redeemer thorough obedience. By giving the Ten Commandments, God showed His standard for holiness. But the people could not obey the commandments perfectly; God used the law to show that people needed a Savior. God provided that Savior ultimately through the person of Jesus Christ.  God made a covenant with His people: If you obey Me, you will be My people. (Exodus 19:5-6) But the people did not obey God. They sinned against God, and Moses asked God to forgive them. Moses acted as their mediator, or advocate, before God. When we sin, Jesus is our Mediator. Through Jesus, we are forgiven of our sins. God is pleased with us because He looks at Jesus, who never sinned.



Family Devotion:

Supplies Needed: Bible, timer/sand timer

Open your Bible to Exodus 20. Quiz your children on how many commandments they can remember before the timer stops. Try again until they can say all ten.

Ask: Who thinks they can keep all Ten Commandments?

Read Exodus 19:5-6.

Say: God promised the Israelites if you obey My commandments you will be My people among all the other nations. But the Israelites did not obey. In fact, the idol they made specifically broke the second commandment. God had said, “Do not make an idol.”

Read Exodus 32:7-14.
Ask: What did Moses ask God to do?

Say: Moses interceded for the Israelites. Moses acted as a mediator between God and the Israelites. Jesus did they same for us. He never sinned, yet, He took on our sin so we wouldn’t have to be punished. When God looks at us, we are forgiven because of Jesus.

Thank God for giving us Jesus our mediator. God shows us love and compassion.