Family Devotion: Moses Confronted Pharaoh

The Gospel Project for Kids journeyed back to Egypt last Sunday. This thrilling story led Moses back to Egypt to confront Pharaoh, who was unwilling to bow to the request that Moses made on behalf of God. Do you think it is likely that Moses knew the Pharaoh who was ruling since he grew up in the household some 40 years earlier? How would that change this story? Can you help your kids see how God is using the little baby from last week’s story in a new way?

Moses confronted Pharaoh but met strong, hard-headed opposition. God, however, had prepared Moses for this encounter with Pharaoh, and Moses knew the outcome. Moses continued to move forward despite the opposition. Share with your kids a time where you faced opposition in your life but you remained faithful to God. Did it work out for His glory?

This week, help your child identify times it may be difficult to be completely obedient to God. Through Moses’ obedience, God saved the Israelites from slavery. Read Hebrews 3:3. Jesus is greater than Moses, and Jesus’ perfect submission to God’s will provided the salvation that we needed.

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Family Devotion:

Supplies Needed: Bible

Ask your family what they think a servant is and does. Challenge them to think of a time this past week where they served someone or someone served them. Allow each member of the family to share her servant story.

Read Exodus 5:1-2; 7:6.

Say: Moses did what God asked him to do. He sometimes lacked confidence and even questioned God, but he kept going back to Pharaoh, telling Pharaoh what God said. However, Moses was not perfect. He sinned like every other man/woman on earth.

Read Leviticus 19:1; Hebrews 3:3.

Say: God is holy and our sin separates us from Him. Since all of us sin, none of us are holy—not even God’s great servant, Moses. Only one man never sinned and that God- man is Jesus. Because He was sinless He provided a way for us to have a relationship with a Holy God.

Ask: Who remembers the first 9 plagues God sent on the Egyptians? (Skim Exodus 7:14–10:29.)

Act out a few of the plagues and then thank God for making a way through Jesus Christ to Him, our Holy God.