Fearless Conversation Means Fearlessly Letting Go

Letting go of the vision we have in our head is not always the easiest notion. After all, we have a grand plan of how things should be and look.

This holiday season, practicing fearless conversation can be the gift our children will love and never verbally thank us for. Inviting children to be a part of the Thanksgiving plans helps to empower them to take an active role in the family and feel like they are valued and heard. Allowing them to have a voice–and for us to really listen to what their ideas are–can start to build the foundation of confidant and expressive people.

Super easy, right? (We know, it’s not always as easy as it sounds!) Start with something you’re comfortable with and go from there. Parenting can bring up the control freak in us and that’s not only debilitating, but spills over and shapes our babies. Are we willing to make a shift and enjoy the holidays in a new a way or do we choose to hold on to our old paradigms in order for everything to be clean and tidy?

Most kids have an opinion are so excited when asked what they want! Before we engage our children and let them go hog wild with ideas, think about these tips on loving boldly by practicing fearless conversation with your kids:

  • Let go of your agenda
  • Love first, love always- yourself included
  • Be OK with messy
  • REALLY Listen (don’t just listen while mentally crafting a response)
  • Follow through with promises


May the voice that whispers inside your head — as well as the voice that exits your lips be one of truth, peace and grace. And may your doubts and fears be silenced by the comfort that you are a precious, beloved child of God, now and always.