Following Jesus – Transactional Give and Take

This week is Family Sunday (watch for the kids worship packet on Sunday) & we will be starting a new Family Challenge that leads to Beulah on the Road. Get it here FC – Following Jesus 5:12

Let me tell you about our good intentions tonight. We planned on a great family night time of dinner together, devotions, sharing stories from the day then a good board game. Some one did not want pizza so we had to go to Subway also. Then a spilled cup cleared the table for us 5 minutes in to the meal. We rallied enough to have good sharing time about our day while eating and listening to the family devotion Tim prepared about “Why do we Pray at mealtimes?” Just then, I remember that this was the night Aaron had karate! Shuffling him off, I dropped Justin off to play basketball. We were all planning to reconvene at 8:30 pm for a board game before bed. During karate, I got a call that Justin had sprained or broken his ankle. Family night over. Our intentions were God-honoring and yet the night was not a success.

Is there a benefit in being intentional to following Jesus as a family? Pastor Mike started out this sermon series on Matthew 5-7 discussing the Beatitudes. He referred to them as the transactional give and take that happens when we follow Jesus. We follow and get something tangible for this life and the life to come. They are investments from which we receive dividends for our life on earth now and our eternal life.

Take the Family Challenge & learn how following Jesus can change your home. Pick up a packet at the welcome table on Sunday or linked to the blog as a pdf next week.

Worshipful: materials to help your family focus on studying and memorizing the Lord’s prayer together from Matthew 6:5-15

  • How have God’s words changed or impacted your family life?  How do you apply it in family community?
  • When you follow Jesus, value is redefined.  What do we value most as a family? What defines us?

Relational: materials to assess and  handle heart issues behind family conflict based on Matthew 5:21-48.

  • Will we want to leave behind a life of sin? (anger, lust, lying, religiosity, pride, revenge, anxiety, hypocrisy)
  • When the word of God grabs your heart you will feel a tension with this world.  How does that look in our everyday life?

Missional: materials to build your home on a firm foundation and share it with your community at Beulah on the Road June 12-15

  • The gospel is a threat to the world. How is it a threat in your family? Do people look at you and say, “Why would you do that?”
  • Where is it in your lives that you do not want to be disrupted?
  • The Word of God, which changes our families, is not necessarily for our personal good but for His corporate good, His kingdom.  How does that sit with you?  Do you understand that?