Intentional Eyes

Pastor Mike has challenged Vista to read through Forgotten God by Francis Chan. I love the way God will bring several thoughts on one theme together for me. He is so kind and patient in His instruction because I have a hard time seeing it initially. Chan’s introduction talks about “being astonished” by how we can see the Holy Spirit work in our lives everyday. Pastor Mike recently taught a series describing thankfulness as choosing to see the daily provision of God. Intentionally practicing thankfulness helps focus our hearts on Him. He referenced Romans 1:21. How can we as a family be astonished or thankful if we are not looking for Him all around us? We need to become more intentional with our eyes.

Those thoughts dove-tailed with a book I am reading along with Kim Patch (Worthington) and Barbara Weisenberger (Dublin) called Beautiful Outlaw by John Eldredge. This week we discussed the humorous or playfulness that God exhibits around us everyday. It is evident only if we are watching. Then Dara Huber (Dublin) recommended a blog about Family Lent ideas authored by Ann Voskamp who is the author of the book one thousand Gifts. I read that book because Karen Slivestri (Dublin) lead a group of Vista women through it last month. This best selling book revolves around actively looking to small things around us to be thankfully astonished by God’s goodness everyday.

So it seems like God is showing me where to start the Lent blog – Intentional Eyes. How can we help each other open our eyes to what God is doing around us and to where to Holy Spirit is leading this Lent season. The Eisel family is spending the next 7 days actively looking and recording 7 of God’s little gifts to us. Some things from tonight: the smile of a new friend, a waterfall, clouds. This booklet idea comes from Ann Voskamp and can be printed off from the resources below. We would love to hear how your family in encouraging one another to adopt more intentional eyes.

Family Ideas for encouraging Intentional Eyes

Thankful for baby – Pray thanksgiving over every part of your baby as you are changing, feeding or bathing  – include each little toe. Tim’s uncle used to call them “sweet little peas.”

Once a day toddler play – Say with them “I see the tree that God made. Thank you God for the tree”. Insert anything into the blank that a young one can point to. Gets a little dicey with buildings and made objects, but we would say when they got older “I see the building that was made by the people God made.”

Family booklet for thanksgiving7 days of 7 things available here on a holy experience blog by Jan Voskamp

Teen tangible – Remember that they still need to hear encouragement even if they don’t show it. Think of one thing you saw in them that reminded you of how thankful you are for them (about their character – not just their behavior) Commit to text, tweet or write one on a slip of paper for under their pillow for 7 days.