Javelin Prayers

I have had the privilege of praying for my children and their school with  some friends I met while in a “Moms In Touch” group. Moms In Touch is an international organization started by Fern Nichols encouraging and empowering moms to pray together for their children and their schools. I learned the value of  javelin prayers through MIT.

Here is something my Mom, a prayer warrior, sent me when Justin started school. I believe it came from one of MIT’s early publications but do not have a source or author of it. It exemplifies the concept of javelin prayers.

As you pack your child’s lunch bag, PRAY!

Pray he/she will hunger for God’s word daily.

As your child climbs the huge steps in the bus or drives away and you wave goodbye, PRAY!

Ask God to keep him/her on the path of righteousness always.

As the day goes on and you wonder what she’s/he’s doing, PRAY!

Ask your heavenly Father to protect her/him.

As you look over the papers your child brings home, PRAY!

Pray that his/her mind will grow in the knowledge of the Lord.

As you empty the backpack and find scraps of paper, bits of crumbs, broken pencils, PRAY!

Pray that God will take any broken pieces from the day and bring healing and wholeness.

Much like an athlete hurling a javelin skyward, I strive to launch little prayers imploring God to nurture my children all day long. The old hymn What a Friend We Have in Jesus states “what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer”. Your family can join with other local moms bombarding the gates of heaven with prayer for children and schools in Ohio. On November 17th Liberty Presbyterian Church is hosting a prayer and fasting event from 9 am-1 pm called Arise and Cry Out for all Ohio moms to come together and pray for all the children and schools.

Family Prayer Craft: Cut out colorful paper in shapes of leaves. On each leaf, have your family write out names of friends and teachers at school or specific prayer requests collected from people at their school. Tape or glue the leaves to a stick with branches, or place the leaves on a window in your house. As the leaves fall outside, take down one leaf each day to pray over as a family. Even children as young as one year old can help your prayer leaves “fall” so you can “send” them up to God.