Knowing God & Parenting: Another Blogger’s Perspective

by Ali Hooper

I love stumbling upon blogs that make me step back and think about the big picture of my life. I Take Joy by Sally Clarkson is one of those blogs. Recently I read her post, Parenting: It all starts with your view of God, and I absolutely love what she wrote.

Two things in particular really stuck with me:

1) Clarkson emphasizes the importance of spending time with God – in His Word – as a foundational element to who we are as parents. She writes, And so, when it comes to child training, if people have not had the opportunity to think Biblically or to study the word of God, and about what God is like, they will look to others for “truth.”
This is an area where I am learning. The Holy Spirit has been teaching me WHY quiet time is important – how it will better my life. It’s not simply a discipline for discipline’s sake. No. Not at all. It’s truly a gift to spend time with God (and I’d argue that it’s a necessity), and by better understanding Him and His Word, I will become a mother who shows Jesus to my children, as opposed to a mother who follows the trends of my surrounding society.

2) I have never been a rule or formula follower when it comes to parenting (or much else in my life). I’ve never read a single parenting book in its entirety, and of the resources I have read or skimmed, there’s always an element here and there that doesn’t jive with me. I love that Clarkson reminds us that as Christians we are filled with the Holy Spirit, and through Him we will have the tools and resources that we need to be Godly parents. Are books helpful? Absolutely! But are they to be followed to a t? Unless it’s the Bible, I think we have to be very careful what we follow religiously.

Clarkson expands on this idea, saying, In the Christian life, even in parenting, God gave us a brain to think, a conscience to nudge our hearts, the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us to guide us. All He asks is that we live by faith in him dependence on Him. And yes, I think through this process, God has given a mom intuition and a mom’s instinct for what is best for her child. God always loves to lead us and work through us by faith in relationship to Him and what He is impressing us to do, within the beautiful design of our femininity and womanhood. That is why it is crucial that we are spending time in His presence and seeking to build a foundation of conviction on scripture and knowledge of God.

I so appreciate Clarkson because she reminded me that through seeking God, I will have all the tools that I need to parent my children. It’s not about a specific method or researched system, it’s about pursuing God in every aspect of my life. As Clarkson puts it, My own parenting of my four very different children was a process of seeking wisdom, studying scripture, listening to God, following other wise people. It was a process of relationship and love with Him, not following the formulas that it seemed most of my peers were following. We went against the grain of the culture we were surrounded by, and yet found the wonderful presence of God in our home as we sought Him.

I pray that as I lean into God, I find His wonderful Presence alive in my home, filling my children with the love that only God can show them. And ultimately filling me with what I need, minute by minute, to guide, protect, encourage and parent my two very different yet equally precious children.


  1. great post ali. being a student of our children starts with acknowledging they are from Him to us for a reason. Love what God reveals to Tim and I about Himself, our family and our community through prayer and the Word.

  2. Love this! I so agree that parenting creates an atmosphere for us to lean into God’s word, seek His wisdom, and learn more about Him through the process. Through this incredible journey of parenting God has taught me more about myself than I ever would have expected! What a precious and humbling job He has given us!