Learn to leave the lesser things undone: The Parizek Family

Bill and Donita Parizek are longtime members of Vista. They have four children ranging from 19 years old to 8 years old. I continue to be blessed by their willingness to share what God is doing in their lives.  Donita told me that wisdom-filled devotionals from the Girlfriends in God website have been an encouragement during her parenting years. She desired to share one of her favorites from that website by Mary Southerland and hoped we find it as much of a blessing on our personal journeys.

Priorities by Mary Southerland of Girlfriends for God

Learn to leave the “lesser” things undone. This lesson is especially hard for me because I actually believe I can do it all. The key to Godly discipline and right priorities is learning what my “all” is and doing all of that; my trusty “Superwoman” cape is never far away.  Admittedly, it is a constant battle for me to ignore the presence of that cape, choosing to embrace and employ God’s priorities – not mine.  But it is definitely a battle worth fighting.  Families, marriages and souls are on the line.

A right perspective is the direct result of Godly discipline. In order to have right priorities, we must have right perspectives. Godly discipline brings a holy scrutiny to priorities and perspective: Does it really matter? Is it eternal? Will it impact lives for God?