Missional Family, Missional Kids

Even though spell check wants to correct me, the word “missional” has meaning and is important to understand. It may sound like a Christian or social-justice buzz word, but  its meaning is rooted in scripture and modeled by Christ. To be missional is to be actively on mission to further the name of Jesus everywhere and anywhere one goes. How does this apply to the family? To kids?

Families can be missional in a variety of ways:

  • Know your neighbors: invite them for meals, plan neighborhood parties, host cook-outs and playgroups, help the elderly, new moms, and anyone else who may need to see the light of Christ through you and your family
  • Involve yourself in the schools your children attend: this goes beyond the obligatory volunteer duties. Know and pray for the teachers and administrators, host playdates for your children, even consider starting a Bible study or community group for kids! This will allow you to know more parents and widen your sphere of influence.
  • Participate in community activities: The more you know the culture of your community, the more you know how to live life with others. If you don’t know what is going on in your own community, you might not have anything in common with a fellow member of the community and therefore not earn the trust it takes to share the gospel with someone.
  • Help those in need both physically and spiritually in your city: Jesus calls us to care for the poor. Kids need to see this in action. There are numerous opportunities to do this regularly by supporting food banks, soup kitchens, and other networks that are safe for you to volunteer at with your children.
  • Pray actively for people groups around the world who have not heard the gospel and support missionaries financially. Involve kids in raising money.

Kids will follow this pattern as they grow in their own faith. They will naturally want to be on mission as they watch their parents be intentional with the spheres of influence given to them. This is why it is so important to not only live on mission for the gospel, but to involve children every step of the way. It starts with the family and it ends with kingdom-minded kids. –Lifeway- Family Ministry 101