Talk Pray Do – April


For this Family Night, you will need your Talk Pray Do take home, please let us know if you have any questions.

 START: by talk as a family about how each person receives love. Chose the statement that best describes you.

  • Hang Out: I feel loved when you spend time with me.
  • Help Out: I feel loved when you help me with something.
  • Hug It Out: I feel loved when you hug me.
  • Shout Out: I feel loved when you encourage me.
  • Give It Out: I feel loved when you give me gifts.

NEXT: have each person think of three people:

  • One family member
  • One friend
  • One person that is “hard to love”

THEN: have all family members take three eggs from the kit – one for each person they came up with. Open the eggs and secretly write on a slip of paper one way you are going to show that person love. As you write, think about how each person might like to receive love. Then hid the paper inside of the egg and return it to the kit. Then do your best to show the person love that way.

Keep the kit somewhere so it can be a reminder. Remove each egg once you are able to show love to that person. The goal is to empty the kit of eggs before Easter Sunday.


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