talk.pray.do. Family Night -September


The Bible has a lot to teach us about wisdom and making wise choices.  Plan to spend this family night talking about the choices we make and how we can learn to make the wise choice in every area of our life.

Wisdom –  Knowing what to do when the choice is up to you!

“For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.”
– Proverbs 2:6

God wants us to make the wise choice – (1 Kings 3: 4-28) God told Solomon that he would give him anything his heart desired. Of all the things he could have asked for, Solomon asked for wisdom. Solomon was the wisest man who lived.

Chose your friends wisely – (Proverbs 13:20)   Our friends have a big influence in our lives. Wise friends will help us make wise choices and foolish friends will lead us toward trouble.

Choose your words carefully– (Proverbs 12:18)  Our words have power to hurt others or the power to make things better. Its important that we learn to be wise in everything we say.

Family Devotion:

Supplies needed: Bible, paper, marker, envelope

Read:  Solomon Asked for Wisdom 1 Kings 2:1-4,10-12; 3:1-15 

Before you begin your devotion time, write the phrase Wisdom comes from God! on a piece of paper. Place it in an envelope, and hide the envelope in a place no one would ever look.

As you begin your devotion, tell your family that you have hidden a message somewhere and they need to find it. Allow them to look for a few minutes, and then secretly tell one of your children where to find the envelope. Instruct the child to bring it back to the room.

Once he/she returns with the envelope, ask them to open the envelope and read the message. Define wisdom as “learning how to live each day in a way that is pleasing to God.”

Say: “God gives us wisdom to live in ways that please Him. When Solomon prayed for wisdom, Solomon wanted God to teach him how to make good choices for the kingdom—choices that would please God. When people have wisdom, they trust God completely to meet their needs and to guide them on the right paths.”

Pray, asking God to give your family wisdom. Pray that everyone in your family would use his God-given wisdom to honor God.

Put together the foam owl craft as a reminder to daily make wise choices.