talk.pray.do: June




  • What do you miss about school in the summer?
  • What is your favorite summer memory?
  • What are you most excited about doing this summer?
  • How can we share Jesus to others this summer?
  • How can we serve others this summer?



In addition to the Prayer Pail, this month as you tuck in for the night, talk with your child about how your family can get involved and support a mission project or a community support organization. Pray together and ask God to show you how you can serve generously for Him and make a difference.



What is service?  Service is seeing a need and doing something about it!   Our family take home is to encourage our children to see the needs of others and respond.  Sometimes we serve others so we’ll be noticed or praised for our hard work. It’s better to serve because we genuinely want to help someone else. God tells us that it is better to serve in secret. He notices what we’re doing for others.

This month participate in “You Got Served”.  Family members should take a “You Got Served” card and find four ways to serve their assignments with ninja-style secrecy, leaving only the note card behind. Perhaps its a sibling that needs help with chores,  a neighbor who needs help with their yard work,  and the list could go on.  See the need and respond!


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