talk.pray.do – May -Monday

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Fruit of the Spirit are a gift from God, and they are something that we possess as we grown and depend our roots in Christ.  We are recognized in the world as followers of Jesus by our fruit.  As parents, let’s first examine the fruit in our lives and then openly discuss with our children in what areas we struggle and what areas come easier for us.    These only come from the power of the Holy Spirit at work inside of us.  We are going to spend the next week exploring each fruit and the importance of depending on Christ moment by moment to strengthen and guide us The word LOVE is used to describe a lot things today but did you know that real love requires action.

Talk: Can you name all the fruits of the spirit? What comes easily to you? Which one is the hardest?  How does God display His Love?

Pray: Pray as a family that you would be deeply rooted in Christ, saturated in the truth of His word, and the evidence would be peace, joy, love, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control and faithfulness..

Do: Read 1 John 4:16 , talk about it and discuss the “talk” questions. As a family draw a picture of the different fruits as a representation of each fruit of the spirit. Example: Strawberries could remind you to be filled with love, etc.  Share your pictures on social media (Facebook/Instagram) and be sure to tag #talkpraydo and #KCrooted

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