talk.pray.do: May




  • Do you tell other people about Jesus?
  • Who have you told about Jesus recently? How did they respond?
  • What is your favorite thing to do outside?
  • Do you prefer to be outside or inside? Why?


In addition to the Prayer Pail, this month as you tuck in for the night, talk about everything God has allowed you to have. Remind your child that everything really belongs to God, and He is so good to give us all that we need. Pray together and thank Him for taking such good care of us.


Our family take home this this month is a Nature-Scavenger hunt.  We encourage you to participate as a family to find and collect the items on the attached list.  As you walk around your neighborhood or park take a moment and allow your children to look around for: something to praise God for creating; someone who has a need; something that reminds them of a blessing God has given

Please share with us your stories and photos.  The first family from Vista Dublin & Vista Worthington that emails their photo(s) with their “scavenger items” to Melinda Woody at melinda.woody@vistachurches.org will win a gift card to a local restaurant.