talk pray do: October


TALK with your children for 15 minutes a day. PRAY at least twice a week in meaningful time together as a family. Then we simply ask that you DO one family night a month.





Ask your child…

  • What is prayer?
  • What or who should we pray about?
  • How can we pray together as a family more often?



  • Praying as a family is wonderful and rewarding.
  • Teaching our children to pray is one way to help lead their little hearts to God!
  • Remembering the acronym P.R.A.Y. is a great start.
  • P- Praise   R-Repent   A-Ask   Y-Thank You
  • Discuss some ideas of how we can pray for our family, friends, and our community.



You may recall in August Pastor Mike gave us all homework.  He challenged us to apply the teaching and really dig deep as we follow Jesus and allow ourselves to be discipled by Him. Who’s on your list? What do you need to work through with Jesus? What will you do to share His love?  Our goal this month as a family is to come up with 10 people we are praying for.   

  • Fold the sheet in half, trace and cut out your child’s hand leaving the fold10 people
  • Together list 10 people to pray for and use this as a daily reminder to pray