Tying shoes

Our youngest, Aaron, had to learn how to tie his shoes for kindergarten; this become nessesary when the shoes with laces were cheaper than the velcro ones. Tim worked diligently with him for three days, and  Aaron mastered the task beautifully as God has gifted him with excellent fine motor skills. Through this process, we kept telling him this truth. Hearing our confidence in his fine motor skills allowed him to be diligent in practicing.

Speaking truth into a child’s life has lasting consequence. We acknowledge who God uniquely created them to be by affirming their gifts and talents; this affrimation helps them start to process the specialzed role that God has chosen them for. We believe that this is what God means by “the way a child will go” in Proverbs 22:6. Most schools have adopted this process in behavior modification practices. They say 3 affirmations about a child before attempting consructive criticism. How I wish I could remember to do that every day for my family!

We use 1 Thessalonias 5: 11 “encourage one another and build eachother up” to keep our thoughts on affirmation not critisism. Affrimation brings motivation. By focusing on the strengths of others, we push them closer to the person God has created them to be. This is true of tieing shoes, making the grade, finishing the project or  making wise choices. Much is to be gained by celebrating the unique giftings of the individuals in our midst.

Great book about questions kids ask about God: Does God Know How to Tie Shoes? by Nancy White Carlstrom

Resources we like: Words Kids Need to Hear by David Staal


  1. I love this! I have seen how my boys light up as we remind them of the strengths they have through God. I am always saying to my kids (and myself) “Let’s be encouragers!” Great post!

  2. I’ve tried to start this already with Henry. Especially with his words. He is not at all verbal. But when he does try to speak, I try my hardest to go bonkers. Like, WOW! GREAT JOB! THAT WAS WONDERFUL! He might think I’m simply crazy, but I’m hoping that it will eventually pay-off.

    Unfortunately, one of “gifts” is whacking anything in sight with a stick. I try my best to ignore this one as I know it’s simply his bit-o-boy blossoming.