Transformer Moms

We are planning a luncheon to honor the mothers of Vista. As we work through the planning for May 15th, God has brought to mind many things that He has taught me through the transforming of Mothers during these 2 plus years. I wanted to share some with you.

I have seen exhausted mothers cease their worry and lay their cares at Jesus feet because they trust his wisdom more than their own

I have seen mothers struggling with addiction embrace God’s whisper to them of the freedom and forgiveness he offers

I have seen mothers who morn when their child recieves a diagnosis of ADHD be comforted by God’s promise of a hope and future

I have seen mothers who chose not to become mothers at a young age open their arms to the healing that comes from a God who carries our burdens

I have seen mothers who desire to bear children receive someone else’s natural born child into their heart and family by trusting God to work all things together

I have seen mothers walk their faith alone and impart it to their children day after day in the face of opposition

I have seen mothers bury children and yet be able to praise God for precious years, day or even hours

I have seen women ask God to help them forgive their own mothers and consider for the first time starting a family one day

I have seen women mother other people’s children in selfless joy to provide faith and comfort while releasing the dream of their own family to God’s will

I have seen single mothers conquer patterns of unhealthy desire and attention by focusing on Jesus first as their bridegroom

I have seen mothers care for mothers, mother-in-laws and even grandmothers all while caring for their own children because they believe God will supply all their needs

I have seen mothers ask their children for forgiveness for the past while sharing the peace they have encountered in a new life following Jesus

I have seen mothers cry out to God daily regarding the decisions of their adolescent and adult children who they know He will never abandon

I have seen mothers willing to admit their fear for and idolatry of their children because they know that they are called to encourage one another and build each other up

The stories of these women bring me to my knees in humility. They walk among you and are willing to share. Join us on the 15th of May in honoring mothers. Invite your family, a motherly neighbor, a mentor or friend. Be sure to ask whoever you meet if they would share their story. I trust you will find the experience as transforming as I have.