Vista Training Rooms – Restructure

What is a training room?

Close your eyes and what do you see?

1 Timothy 4:8 says “For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come.”

At Vista, we view our classrooms as training rooms. We as a church body seek to train ourselves, our families and our children in all personal growth areas: spiritual, emotional, physical, intellectual and social.

Our training rooms act as small group communities involving children, parents, volunteers, teachers, a coach and a staff person growing together in Christ. Following is a broad overview of the roles of each; more specifics will be shared in future posts.

  • Coaches use five primary tools to create community
  • Teachers prepare and teach materials to parents and children in all five personal growth areas
  • Parents encourage children, meet other parents and practice with parenting tools
  • Volunteers model godly practices to children and parents
  • Paid staff support teachers and facilitate training strategies

We are so thankful to have several people and families involved in training children and families at both Vista Dublin and Vista Worthington. We wanted to outline who is leading where, for your reference:


  • Meadowlands (Infants, Crawlers, Walkers, 2’s)
  • Base Camp (3’s & 4/5’s)
    • Coach: Sarah Kearney (kearneysj11@gmail.com)
    • Teachers (4/5’s): Kim & Haley Sutton, Sydney Hudock, LaRonda Stauffer, Mindy Sherry, & Melissa Thompson
    • Staff: Rebecca Frick & Morgan Douglass (3’s) & Amelia Ortman (4/5’s)
  • Climb
    • Coach: Cathy Harrison (cathy.harrison@live.com)
    • Teachers: Jeff Persall, Misty Hibbits, Donita Parizek & Caitlin Vandeveer, Stephanie Van Meter, Lisa Schaffner & Brandi Van Bourgondien
    • Staff: Andrew Forrest
  • Summit
    • Coach: Rebecca Owens (becowens_77@yahoo.com)
    • Teachers: Shelia Persall, Brent & Krysty Bower, Jay Hoey, & Christie Santa-Emma
    • Staff: Sarah Kinzeler
  • Rapids


  • Meadowlands (Infants, Toddlers)
  • 2/3’s
    • Coaches: Jack & Erika Irvin (erikairvin@gmail.com)
    • Teachers: Judy Albright, Mandy & William Tantarelli, & Emily Fetterman
    • Staff: Michelle Lawson
  • 4/5’s
    • Staff: Christina Kottenstette
  • Climb
    • Coach: Melinda Woody (amjocwoody@gmail.com)
    • Teachers: Jessica Hurtt & Brittany Woerth
    • Staff: Rachael Boyle & Joey Meinerding

Please pray with us for our leaders and the training and mentoring work they’re doing each week, to build into our families and children here at Vista.