Worthington Kids love their Mom….

To all the Moms we know:


We believe letting go of your kids is hard, but that you can do hard things.

We believe perfection is alluring and comparison is easy, but that you can resist the temptation of both.

We believe you can be free to be messy.

We believe you can be different, you are different.

We believe a Mom’s fears for her kids are terrifying, but that you are strong in the midst of them.

We believe you have more strength than you know.

We believe difficult things will happen, to you, to your kids.

We believe that you won’t be able to stop them no matter how hard you try, but we believe that some of these hard things will end up being the best things.

Even the very best things, in time.

We believe in your kids. We’ve met them…they’re incredible!

Most of all, we believe in God’s abundant, overflowing grace for you.  This job of mothering you do is not a narrow tightrope you walk, but a wide.wide.wide lane.

You will not step out of its bounds….He’s got you.

We believe that God sees you -how hard you try, how deep you feel, how much you love and He is honored by it. He is honored by you.

You make Him proud, He believes in you


We believe in you!

Happy Mother’s Day!